Morgan County Chapter

Who we are:  We are a group of community members in Morgan County who believe that everyday people should be at the center of decision making.  We work together to center the voices of working people, to create more leadership opportunities for Morgan County community members, and to make positive change in our community.  We believe everyone deserves to thrive no matter where we come from, what we look like, or how much money is in our wallet.  

What we do:  Our chapter first formed in 2018, and leads Hoosier Action’s Environmental Justice work. We won a clean-up plan for the toxic Superfund site in downtown Martinsville, and have worked to help community members sign-up for EPA testing in their homes. Members of our chapter have traveled to the Statehouse multiple times to advocate for legislation around accountability and transparency about environmental contamination in Indiana. We have also held a Town Hall to discuss the toxic plumes with our State Representative who then authored a bill to create more public awareness about these issues across the state.

We also work on improving access to mental health care, combatting the overdose crisis, affordable housing, and other issues facing our members in Morgan County. We have canvassed neighborhoods, made phone calls, and hosted community forums and events. We are here to listen to your stories and work together to build a brighter future in Morgan County and across the state!