HHC v Talevski

Take Action to Stop a SCOTUS Case That Will Undermine Medicaid & Safety Net Programs!

Talevski v. HHC, an Indiana nursing home case, is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) that could roll back an individual’s ability to sue to enforce their civil rights in the United States, harming tens of millions of Americans, especially disabled Hoosiers, Medicaid members, and those of us enrolled in other social safety net programs!

This Indiana case could impact millions of people around the country because the US Supreme Court could roll back decades of legal precedent which grants court access to vulnerable populations. With Talevski, the Supreme Court could cut off the right to go to court if state officials unlawfully deny, reduce, or terminate benefits guaranteed by federal law. This would make it nearly impossible to hold state and local governments accountable for violating the rights of those depending on federally funded safety net programs. It would also jeopardize the legal avenues available to victims of nursing home abuse, like Gorgi Talevski, the plaintiff in the case.

You can help stop this case by urging Health and Human Hospital Corporation of Marion County (HHC) to hold a special emergency meeting to take necessary actions to withdraw this case!