Newsletter – July 2021


July 2021

It’s Summertime!

It’s hard to believe we are finally emerging from COVID restrictions, the Brood X Cicadas have come and gone, and the “lazy days” of summer are upon us. In the midst of these warm days and nights, Hoosier Action leaders are busy engaging their communities and continuing to bring awareness to opportunities and concerns that impact their lives. Summertime is the best time to see our blue shirts in action door knocking, holding community events and engaging neighbors. 

Here are our latest sparkling news:

The Moms of Hoosier Action are fighting for a brighter future for Hoosier families!

The Moms of Hoosier Action have had a busy month! On June 13th, they held their first Statewide Chapter Meeting which helped launch them into a week of action in support of the newly expanded Child Tax Credit. Thanks to this new credit, 94% of Hoosier families with kids under 18, will begin receiving $250-$300 a month! This landmark direct cash payment is expected to cut child poverty in half, but unless we act, it will only last until the end of this year. 

To learn more about the Child Tax Credit, check out our July 8th Q&A with a national expert.

$5.8 Billion is coming to Hoosier Communities!

The American Rescue Plan (ARP), the latest federal relief package, provided immediate relief to everyday Hoosiers with stimulus checks last month, and there are more resources on the way! Indiana counties, cities and towns will receive over $5.8 billion dollars to ensure that our communities have what they need to pull through this crisis. This money could transform our communities for the better. The ARP relief money could provide support for our broadband, childcare, healthcare, public utilities, jobs, affordable housing, small businesses, substance use treatment, and more!

As a Hoosier, you have a say in how that money is spent by your local community. The law was written to give state and local governments the ability to exercise local control and put the money where it’s needed the most. It’s up to us to decide how this money gets spent in our state, in our towns, and in our neighborhoods. To learn how you can take action to impact how your local ARP money is spent, take our survey and check out our toolkit.

The Fight to Protect Scott County Lives

(Photo courtesy WDRB News by Chad K Mills)

In the midst of an intensifying overdose crisis and despite widespread public support, Scott County Commissioners voted on June 2 to close the local Syringe Service Program (SSP) on January 1, 2022 in a 2-1 vote. The Scott County SSP was originally established in response to the unprecedented 2015 HIV outbreak. It has successfully operated since then as a national model, reducing new cases of HIV, Hepatitis C, and endocarditis. At the meeting, community members spoke for over two hours in support of the program. The only voices in opposition to the SSP were the County Commissioners. 

Throughout April and May, Hoosier Action members worked closely with Scott County community leaders to support their efforts to protect this life-affirming public health program. On May 18th, we helped organize a well-attended press conference and town hall to share facts about the program’s success and how it keeps people healthy and saves lives in the community. Community members  also testified at the commissioner’s April meeting, held a vigil, and coordinated hundreds of phone calls, emails, and postcards from Scott county residents to their commissioners.

Without an SSP

Scott County is projected to have a dramatic surge in new HIV cases, resulting in a catastrophic health crisis for the community.

Without an SSP in Scott County, a recent Brown University study projected a dramatic surge in new HIV cases. The resulting public health crisis would be catastrophic for the community, especially in the midst of a pandemic. This is exactly what happened in West Virginia in the last few months as rates of HIV infection increased dramatically following the 2018 closure of similar SSP programs. 

Although disappointed, residents are committed to continuing the fight to save lives and find solutions through organizing and building power. If you are a Scott County resident and want to join the fight, reach out to

Drawing Attention to Organized Money at the Statehouse

You can read and download the full report by going to

Hoosier Action Resource Center’s most recent report, “Corporate Captive: Big Business at the Indiana General Assembly” continues to draw significant press attention to the malign influence of corporate power at the Statehouse. Over the course of May, an editorial originally published in the Anderson Herald Bulletin, has been republished in over 10 other papers across the state! On June 1st, Indiana Public Media published a story about the report featuring research team leader Dennis Davoren.

With 91% of all state legislative campaign contributions coming from PACs and large donors, we are in agreement with the findings:

To build a brighter future for Indiana—one where every one of us can have healthy, fulfilled lives—we must have a functioning democracy, one which ensures that Hoosiers of all backgrounds have a say in the decisions which impact our lives. To combat the organized money of special interests, Hoosiers must organize themselves and act together to change the balance of power at our Statehouse. Everyday Hoosiers should be at the center of our legislative process. To achieve that goal we must demand more, act courageously, and stand with and for each other.

Corporate Captive


Federal Pregnant Worker Accommodation 
Bill Moves Forward

Great news: the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) has passed the House and will now move to the Senate! The Moms of Hoosier Action have fought for three years at the Statehouse to try to win protections for pregnant workers. Thank you to Representatives Buschon, Carson, Hollingsworth, Mrvan, Spartz, and Walorski who voted to pass the PWFA. We look forward to working with Senator Young and Senator Braun to pass this must-needed legislation into law this year! Email our Senators by going to


Our Morgan Co. chapter is continuing their hard work amplifying the voices of impacted families and encouraging community residents to get involved with the EPA’s testing and treatment efforts for the toxic water plumes in Martinsville, as recently reported in the Indiana Environmental Reporter.


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Thursday, June 10, 2021, 6:30pm – 8:30pm ET

Hoosier Action is holding a Deep Canvass training and phonebank on June 10 from 6:30pm-8:30 pm ET! Deep canvassing is one of the most powerful tools we have to build relationships, uncover what motivates our neighbors, and persuade. Deep canvasses are candid, two-way conversations where canvassers ask their fellow Hoosiers to share their relevant, emotionally significant experiences and reflect on them aloud.

Moms of Hoosier Action (MOHA) Chapter Meeting

Join the Moms of Hoosier Action for a chapter meeting Sunday, June 13 from 3:00pm-5:00pm ET. We will recap and reflect on the legislative session and plan for the future.

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