Newsletter – July 2022


July 2022


In the midst of Indiana suddenly taking center stage in national politics, we remain steadfast in our commitment to build power rooted in local communities through intentional relationships that center the needs of all Hoosiers, no matter where they are from, the color of their skin or their economic status. As we pass the midway mark of summer, we pivot from focused outreach and move towards equipping our members for the upcoming electoral and legislative sessions, continuing to build base as we go.

Members attend Jackson County chapter meeting.

Member Retreat & Coordinated Campaign

Organizers, staff and core leaders from all 6 chapters met together in person for a weekend retreat July 8-9 to plan the launch of Hoosier Action’s coordinated campaign across chapters. 

Randy Shelton (Bartholomew Co. chapter) leading Chapter Introductions.

 Members learned about Narrative and the power of storytelling, building power, crafting and executing a campaign, and practiced Power Mapping, the process of thinking strategically about how we can move a particular issue/campaign forward.

This experience gave the whole group a marvelous look into how we can enact systemic change in our communities, state, and nation. After power mapping, members voted on one core issue that Hoosier Action as an organization will focus on leading up to and through the 2023 Indiana General Assembly (IGA). Those at the retreat voted overwhelmingly for “Family Support Bills.” 

Coordinated Campaign: Keeping Families First

While the exact details of these bills are being developed, a core committee was formed with the task of coordinating this focused issue across the organization, with representatives from all six Hoosier Action chapters, led by the statewide Moms of Hoosier Action (MOHA) chapter and supported by the statewide Greater IN chapter. With chapters also leading local campaigns, the coordinated campaign will be woven into their local issue. 

Moms of Hoosier Action at the Statehouse

Special Session – “All Eyes On Deck”

The Indiana General Assembly opened their legislative Special Session July 25th to address a ban on abortion, provide financial support for families and relief for inflation.* Hoosier Action established a Recon Team to take shifts watching the Senate and House live-streams to document Notes, Quotes, Votes and Amendments.  This information will be used to continue power mapping key legislation, particularly around the financial support for families (Senate Bill 2 and its amendments). We will then use this information to inform our local Town Halls and upcoming elections and our work going into the 2023 Legislative Session.

Indiana Senate Chamber

*As of this writing, Senate Bill 1 and Senate Bill 2, were signed into law. Indiana is the first state to ban nearly all abortions (narrow exceptions for rape, incest and the life/health of the mother) since the Roe v Wade decision.

Homes Guarantee Campaign Delegation to Washington DC:  
A Member Profile

Bartholomew County Chapter leader Diane Pritchard joined delegates from across the country to convene in Washington DC for a two-day housing conference as part of the nationwide Homes Guarantee Campaign. This July 2022 Homes Guarantee Tenant Delegation, a group of 13 tenants who have been impacted by COVID evictions and rent hikes, traveled to DC to represent the tenant movement in meetings with the White House, HUD, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the Federal Housing Finance Agency. 

“I learned so much about myself! And it was amazing to meet new people from all across the country that were like-minded and are working for the same goal: to secure better, more affordable, and safer housing. It’s amazing to me to see that it’s the same everywhere—no one can afford housing, no matter where you live in the country. And that’s why we have to fight for it.

— Diane Pritchard, Bartholomew Co. Chapter

The delegates included Corine Ombongo-Golden (Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition in New York), John Brown III (KC Tenants in Kansas City), Davita Gatewood (KY Tenants in Kentucky), Will Sens (People Organized for Westside Renewal in California), Diane Pritchard (Hoosier Action in Indiana), Vichelle Sanders (PLAN in Nevada), Nancy (Nev) Capron (Neighbor 2 Neighbor in Massachusetts), TJ Hughes (Jane Addams Senior Caucus in Chicago), Tamara Clark (ONE Northside in Chicago), Elyse Gittens (Faith in the Valley in California), Shemaeka Shaw (Louisville Tenants' Union in Kentucky), Mary Osborne (RAD in New Hampshire), and Margareth Massac (CVH in New York City)

Medicaid Update

Outreach continued this month through member-led action parties to surface families with direct experience with Medicaid who may be vulnerable to any legislative changes to access (aka paperwork requirements).  Hoosiers are invited to complete our Medicaid survey and encouraged to speak with an organizer about their Medicaid experiences. 

Know Your Voter Rights

Ohio River Valley (ORV) Chapter leader Carissa Miller led a Know Your Rights Voter Training on July 18th in Scott County with Communications and Policy Director, Tracey Hutchings-Goetz. Members were excited to learn about voter eligibility, especially as it pertains to those navigating the criminal justice system, since so many Hoosiers self-disenfranchise because they believe they are ineligible to vote.  Members took information away with them, eager to have conversations within their community and  encourage people to register to vote. If you would like to host a Know Your Voter Rights training and need resources or have questions about voter registration, please contact Tracey at


The Bartholomew County Chapter is zeroing in on our local housing campaign to improve access to quality, safe, affordable housing! We have collected over 100+ completed housing surveys from community members through door knocking, asking our neighbors, texting and phone calls! At our last meeting, we began strategizing which issue to focus on for our local campaign, and now our leaders are doing “Research Visit Meetings” with local decision makers to sharpen our strategy compass. Join us at our next Chapter Meeting (Thursday, August 11th @ 6pm), where we will vote on our local campaign and make a strategic plan of action!

We’re also celebrating one of our chapter’s member-leaders, Diane Pritchard, who traveled to Washington D.C. in July as a member of the Home Guarantee Campaign Delegation (see her member profile story above) to share her tenant story and discuss the impact of rent hikes and evictions and the need for tenant protections in Indiana. Amazing work Diane!!! 


“My experience at the weeklong leadership training is that each and everyone of us have the potential to be leaders. I am extremely interested in bringing different groups of people together in our county.

— Sandy Freese, Jackson County member after attending weeklong leadership training

Our Jackson County chapter will be leading our next Action Party on August 10th as we text our neighbors about the MAT Act! The MAT Act is SO CLOSE to passing the Senate and we need to do everything we can to move Senator Young to be our champion and cosponsor this bipartisan bill that saves lives. That’s why we are going to text our neighbors to take action. Join us!

Register here:

The MAT Act is a common-sense solution to increase access to treatment & cut through federal red tape to prevent overdoses and save Hoosier lives, increase participation in treatment, & reduce stigma of drug use so that no one dies to a preventable overdose death.


Morgan county is ramping up for a local campaign for the health and dignity of families! At our last chapter meeting we chose to focus on mental health, syringe disposal, and transparency around pollution in the community. For more details join our next chapter meeting (held in Martinsville), email Tasha at

Chuck Thrawley (Morgan Co. chapter) provides acoustic entertainment during Member Retreat.


The ORV has been hard at work! In our July Chapter meeting, we got together to decide what issue we are going to campaign locally. We are going to win something in our community that saves more lives and reduces the stigma around drug use! If you have questions or want to join our next chapter meeting, email Will at


The Moms of Hoosier Action led a successful Action Party on July 20th, texting into District 62 to initiate important conversations with families regarding the Special Legislative Session’s proposed legislation around family support. Our goal is to build base and surface leaders going into the 2023 Legislative Session. 

We’re excited to co-lead the upcoming Special Session debrief with the Greater IN Chapter on August 16th. 

For anyone wanting to join us as we continue to talk to families in District 62 (Brown and Monroe counties) and lead work around reproductive justice and family support, our next MOHA Chapter meeting is August 14th from 3-5pm (via Zoom). If you have any questions, contact Eva Bell at


The Greater IN Chapter held their monthly zoom meeting on July 24th, debriefing the Core Member Retreat and, as the first chapter to meet directly before the Special Session started, getting clear on our Fight for Hoosier Families. Members actively participated on the Special Session Recon Team, led the recent Action Party on August 4th and will co-host (with MOHA) the statewide public Post Session debrief zoom meeting on August 16th. Our next Chapter Meeting is Sunday, August 28th from 3-5pm.

Join us for a Texting Party as we take action together to pass the MAT Act. Wednesday, August 10th from 6:00-7:30pm (ET).
Join us August 16th from 6:30-8:30pm (ET) as we discuss and make meaning together of the Legislative Special Session: what decisions were made, what did we learn, and what will we take with us into the 2023 Legislative session.
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