Newsletter – October 2021


October 2021


October is a month of transitions. Fall is officially here and the leaves have begun to change. There is an anticipatory crispness in the air. For Hoosier Action, this is the time of year when we shift from our summer outreach work and prepare for the winter legislative session. Joining together across race and place, we are training, strategizing, and meeting with key legislators. By aligning across our differences to build collective power, we are bringing the future of Indiana to the Statehouse.

Indiana Statehouse

Organization Day at the Statehouse – November 16th

November 16, 2021, is Organization Day—It’s the official launch of the legislative session at the Statehouse, and we’ll be there lobbying our legislators for what we need to thrive. We look forward to equipping members with training and resources to effectively engage in conversations with their legislators. 

Lobby Your Legislator.jpg

 Be sure to register for one of our upcoming Legislative Session 101 trainings on either November 11 or December 16 so we will be prepared when session begins. Join Hoosier Action leaders from across the state to get oriented and onboarded to our work in the 2022 Legislative Session in Indiana! Learn what’s been happening at the statehouse, how to take meaningful action together, and how to strategize to build power and win real victories.

Legislative Session Begins January 2022

Hoosier Health Over Corporate Wealth – Day of Action Update

On September 29, dozens of Hoosier Action members joined together across the state to demand that Anthem live up to its Hoosier values by ceasing their efforts to block policies proven to lower healthcare costs, expand care, and improve the lives of Hoosier families.  Big corporations like Anthem are the reason why Hoosiers pay some of the highest healthcare costs in the country and 1 in 5 Hoosier has medical debt in collections.  

To defeat the organized money of the healthcare industry we must organize more people. That’s why we spent the day texting over 65,000 and held over 9500 conversations with Hoosiers about the malignant influence of corporate power on Hoosier healthcare. It is only by acting together that we can win a healthcare system which puts people before profits. 

[Member Leaders Cody Kenney (Bartholomew Co. Chapter), Myra Craig (Ohio River Valley Chapter) and Kaitlin W. (Moms of Hoosier Action) share their powerful healthcare stories during our Day of Action FB Live event. We are inspired by their leadership, vulnerability, and commitment to fighting for change.]

Virtual Nonpartisan Town Hall with Sen. Mike Braun – Indiana Town Halls & WFYI

On October 7, Hoosier Action leaders Tamara Harris, Samantha Kern, and Mary McCloskey joined Indiana Town Halls for a Town Hall on the economy with Senator Mike Braun. (Randy Shelton was also planning to ask a question but his rural internet access was unstable so he was unable to participate.) Our leaders represented everyday Hoosiers impacted by real situations and asked questions addressing real needs. During the Town Hall, Senator Braun publicly promised to consider voting for The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, federal legislation which would protect pregnant Hoosier workers and expressed support for programs which would fund social safety net navigators. After watching the Town Hall, everyone is encouraged to complete the IU-NW evaluation survey by clicking the button below.

Tamara (circled top left) begins at 42:30, Samantha (circled bottom left) at 44:44 and Mary (middle) at 46:35

Rep. Ed Clere

On October 7, leaders from the Jackson County. and Ohio River Valley Chapters met with Representative Ed Clere to discuss the overdose crisis and get his thoughts on the upcoming session. We look forward to continuing to work with Rep. Clere and others to pass legislation which helps increase treatment options, save lives, and end the overdose crisis. 

Vaccine Outreach 

Aubrey Kearney leads our vaccine work and this last month of successful outreach showed that the separation between community organizations and public health organizations is detrimental to many of our state’s efforts. Fortunately many organizations are ripe and ready for partnerships – including with us! We are excited to explore these emerging opportunities. We are planning our first vaccination event in partnership with a limestone company that wants their staff vaccinated, and the Indiana Immunization Coalition, who are providing the vaccines! To explore the nuance of talking with others and presenting information in a way that makes people feel safe and not judged, Aubrey will be leading several training sessions throughout November and December.  As dates and times are confirmed, they will be added to our event calendar. Have questions about our vaccine work? You can reach Aubrey at

Morgan County & Statewide Moms of Hoosier Action Chapters attend virtual regional training while members of Bartholomew County, Jackson County and Ohio River Valley chapters attend in-person training in Austin, IN.


Rural and small town Hoosier leaders are at the center of Hoosier Action! This past month we held two powerful leadership training sessions with Hoosiers from 10 different counties. They came together from across the state for a crash course in power, organizing, and leadership. 

Jackson County & Ohio River Valley (ORV) Chapters Lead on Overdose Prevention

Ohio River Valley members want to celebrate the leadership of Carissa Miller, Kim Bull, and Charlotte Downs who participated in the Regional Training. Their leadership on the overdose issue is inspiring and exciting, and they look forward to upcoming legislative visits with other organizations and state officials in the coming weeks.  

The next combined Jackson Co. and Ohio River Valley Chapter Meeting is Tuesday, November 2. If anyone wants to join their overdose work (even if you live outside of these places), organizers Laxmi Palde and Will Stauffer would love to connect and for you to join them! You can email them at and  

Morgan County Chapter Continues To Fight For Clean Water, Soil, and Air

As the legislative session approaches, Morgan Co. leaders are holding meetings with other organizations from across the state, including the Hoosier Environmental Council and Citizens’ Action Coalition. The next Morgan Co. Chapter meeting is on Wednesday, Oct 20 from 7-8:30 pm ET. Anyone interested in environmental legislation is encouraged to connect with organizer Tasha Coppinger at

Bartholomew County Chapter Takes On Housing

Bartholomew Co. members have been focused on their housing outreach efforts which have so far

  • •Reached over 5,000 people

  • •Resulted in over 200 conversations 

  • •Received 60 survey responses

  • •Brought two new leaders door knocking for the first time!

The next Bartholomew Co. Chapter Meeting is Wednesday, 10/20 from 6-8 pm ET.   If you are in the Bartholomew area or interested in housing work, reach out to organizer Stephanie Zhang at

The Moms of Hoosier Action (MOHA) Chapter Focuses on Childcare and Healthcare

The next chapter meeting of the Moms of Hoosier Action will be October 24 from from 3-5 pm ET. Moms, caregivers and anyone interested in building strategy around childcare and healthcare, as well as meeting with legislators on those issues is encouraged to reach out to organizer Eva Bell at for more information about the meeting and how to get involved.

Attention Members

Stay updated weekly with Mondays with Michelle. Our Member Engagement Manager, Michelle Higgs, has launched a weekly text update. If you are a member and would like to subscribe to her list, please email her at

Organization Day at the Statehouse – November 16, 2021


10/21 6:30pm – 8:30pm  Membership (Organized Money)

Power is organized people PLUS organized money. Join us as we train on building power through organized money, more specifically, membership dues and why it matters. Then we’ll get to apply that knowledge directly by inviting others to join us in becoming sustaining members of Hoosier Action.

10/28 6:30pm – 8:30pm Letters to the Editor or Legislator

Join us for a brief training and then take action together. We’ll be writing letters to the editor or legislator.

Indiana Legislative Session 101

There are TWO opportunities to join Hoosier Action leaders from across the state to get oriented and onboarded to our work in the 2021 Legislative Session in Indiana!

Learn what’s been happening at the statehouse, how to take meaningful action together and how to strategize to build power and win real victories.

•11/11 6:30-8:00pm

•12/16 6:30-8:00pm


10/20 6pm – 8pm – Bartholomew Co. Chapter

10/20 7pm – 8:30pm – Morgan Co. Chapter

10/24 3pm – 5pm Moms of Hoosier Action

11/2 6-8pm – Jackson Co. & Ohio River Valley Chapters


10/20 Chapter Meeting: Bartholomew Co.

10/20 Chapter Meeting: Morgan Co.

10/21 Action Party: Membership

10/24 Moms of Hoosier Action Meeting

10/28 Action Party: Letters to the Editor

11/2 Jackson & Ohio River Valley Chapters (combined)

11/11 Legislative Session 101

11/16 Org Day at the Statehouse

12/11 Annual Member Meeting* – Save the Date

12/16 Legislative Session 101

  • (To attend the annual meeting, you must be a dues-paying member)

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